is a survival sandbox open-world multiplayer, set on an island in pirate age

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Regarding Totems & Tribes

12 Dec 2016, 01:09

A little idea, that is quickly explained, but I dont know if it is hard to implement

When you have constructed a totem and you have a tribe, then depending on the amount of members in your tribe, you can create smaller totems for smaller outlaying villages around the map.

Example: You have your main totem and village in the mountains, because you feel safe there. However, you need fish to survive and therefore you have a small fishing village attached to your mainvillage, with a small totem, mostly so that other players can see who it belongs to, the same with hunters, miners, or whatever you want to do.

This can be regulated with how many tribe memers there is, like with 3 members you can make 1 small totem, 10 members its 2 small totems, etc.

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